What Happens to the Trust When I Die?

In many cases, people create trusts not to help themselves but to support their loved ones in the future. So, it’s only natural to question what happens to the trust when the creator is no longer living. The answer depends on the purpose of the trust. For a trust established to support a loved one

Guardian Nominations for Children Lawyer in California

When your children are the center of your world, it can be very hard to force yourself to consider what would happen to them if you were no longer able to care for them. However, you will never know true peace until you have a plan prepared for their future to protect them in case

Who Should Be the Trustee?

Whether you are forming a trust for the first time or making revisions in documents for an existing trust, it is a good idea to give serious thought to the choice of trustee. Selecting the right trustee will enable your trust to do what you intend and to protect and support loved ones. If you

Can I Change My Trust?

Your life isn’t static, therefore your game plans for your assets, responsibilities and sense of legacy gifting isn’t static.  And with shifting game plans, estate planning attorneys recommend that clients review their plans periodically to see if adjustments need to be made. Can those adjustments include the terms of a trust? Can you remove property

Updating Your Estate Plan in the New Year

Now that we are past the New Year’s resolutions involving visits to the gym and healthy food consumption, it is a good idea to make a resolution that will be easier to fulfill and arguably provide benefits that are just as important. Schedule a time to review and update your estate plan. While it is

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