Even when you have trusts and other estate planning strategies in place, you still need to have a will to cover any assets that may be in transition or responsibilities that are not otherwise addressed through your living trust.

The Role of a Will Lawyer

When crafting your will, having a trusted legal advisor by your side is invaluable. An experienced California will lawyer can explain all your options and the potential ramifications of those options so that you are able to make informed decisions. You not only need to understand the terms that can be included in your will, but also how those terms coordinate with other aspects of your estate plan. Once you have made your choices, we ensure that every clause reflects your desires and adheres to California law, thus protecting your will from future disputes or legal challenges.

Our role extends beyond drafting documents; we are your partners in estate planning. We look at the big picture to see how to best protect your future and the legacy you leave for loved ones. Each decision and each action can impact your situation in often surprising ways. Our expertise ensures that your will and other plans encompass all aspects of your estate, from your treasured family home to the most minor sentimental possessions.

While we take our role as legal advisors seriously, we never want to come across as too busy or too pretentious to answer your questions. A vital part of our job is ensuring that you understand and feel comfortable with all elements of your estate plan.

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    Why You Need a Will Even if You Have a Trust

    Many people wonder if they need a will, especially if they already have a revocable living trust designed to avoid probate. After all, the point of establishing a revocable trust is to ensure that assets do not go through probate court.

    However, sometimes, assets get overlooked or there is not time to transfer them properly into the trust. In that case, they must go through probate court and if you don’t have a will, then those assets are subject to the California laws of intestate succession.

    When your lawyer creates a “pour-over will,” you can specify that all assets subject to the probate process be moved into your trust. This ensures that your property still passes in alignment with your estate plan and the property transfer remains private.

    Another reason to create a will even if you already have a trust is that a trust cannot include nominations for a guardian. If you have minor children and want to designate a guardian to care for them in case of your death, you should have your attorney prepare a will.

    Adapting to Life’s Changes

    Life is dynamic, and your estate plan and documents should evolve with it. Major life events such as marriages, divorces, births, relocation, and retirement can significantly impact your estate plan. At Blacksburg Law, we emphasize the importance of reviewing and updating your documents regularly or when significant changes occur. We make this process seamless, ensuring your will and other components of your plan always align with your current circumstances and intentions.

    Even if you do not feel as though you’ve experienced any life changes, if it has been three years or more since you reviewed plans with your attorney, you should schedule a check up to ensure that changes in the legal or financial environment have not impacted the effectiveness of your plans. You may be able to take advantage of new opportunities to provide additional protection, reduce tax liability, or benefit your loved ones in other ways.

    Blacksburg Law can ensure that your estate plan remains robust and reflective of your wishes.

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