Emma K.

“We communicated by email, phone and Skype – without one single f2f meeting! Michael’s associate Louis was at the same professional level, and the signing of the final documents was as easy as was the whole process.”

David G.

“Blacksburg was a Boy Scout. Why is that relevant to an estate planning attorney? Because, years ater he got his Eagle badge, he’s still trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, and kind. It’s these personal qualities that separate him from other lawyers just as knowledgeable or technically adept.”

Aman D.

“Michael was a knowledgeable, professional and extremely patient attorney. He explained things in common English, so the process made sense, and got very specific when necessary. In all, he took a painful process and made it as pain-free as possible.”

Adina R.

“Michael and his team are knowledgeable, professional, and have been accommodating to our crazy schedules. They understand that we are juggling a lot in our lives and therefore, made our meetings and phone consultations fit our lifestyle whenever possible.”

Beth S.

“Michael is assisting me with estate planning that’s involved some complicated tangents. Didn’t make him blink, but he rolled up his sleeves and dived in. I have been consistently impressed with his patience in explaining issues (sometimes more than once), his concern for his clients, and his common-sense approach.”

Carla C.

“With his knowledge of estate and trust law and his wonderful personal suggestions, I can’t recommend Michael Blacksburg enough to a new family making important decisions about life and money!”

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