Hello and welcome to Blacksburg Law. Here you’ll find information about our estate planning services.

Michael Blacksburg

Principal Attorney

Michael is a senior estate planning attorney with a diverse blackground in estate, business and wealth advisory. Michael Blacksburg started practicing law in San Francisco in 2001, beginning his career as a tenants' rights attorney ...

Deb L. Kinney

Of Counsel

Deb L. Kinney works with Blacksburg Law in an Of Counsel capacity. Deb brings decades of experience in estate planning, trust administration, probate and relationship agreements. Deb founded a large estate planning firm...

Lee Maranto

Of Counsel

Lee Maranto works with Blacksburg Law in an Of Counsel capacity. He brings a diverse career background in higher education and diversity and inclusion to the practice areas of estate planning and administration...

Natalie Carrera

Senior Paralegal

Natalie is our senior paralegal with over twenty-six years of combined estate planning, probate, trust administration, and civil litigation experience.

Stephanie Lawson

Director of Operations

Stephanie Lawson is our lead paralegal and operations manager at Blacksburg Law.

Louis Knox

Client Care Coordinator

Louis is Blacksburg Law’s Director of Client Relations, acting as our boots on the ground in helping our clients finalize their estate plan documents. Louis helps our clients with document execution, organizes their asset information and works to ensure...

Allyson Hoyt Begle

Legal Assistant

Allyson joins our team with eight years of experience in the mortgage industry, where she played a crucial role during a period of significant growth in home building.

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