Understanding Trust Administration

For certain trusts, such as revocable living trusts established to avoid probate, administration can be fairly straightforward, and it often does not require a long-term commitment. For other types of trusts, like special needs trusts, lifetime trusts, or spendthrift trusts–or any trust with complex assets–administration requires compliance with regulatory requirements and financial acuity that call for a considerable investment of time, effort, and skill.

Many people are not quite sure what they need to do with a trust, and that is understandable. Trusts are artificial legal creations set up to provide administrative ease (and financial protection), and they operate according to abstract and often complicated principles. Trust administrators, knowns as Trustees, are also subject to heightened duties of loyalty.

At Blacksburg Law, we provide a full range of services to help with trust administration. If you want guidance to manage trust administration on your own, we can explain what you need to do to comply with requirements going forward. If you do not have the time to take on administrative duties, we can provide professional administrative services to ensure compliance with trust terms and regulatory requirements as well as effective management of trust assets. In other words, we offer whatever level of assistance you need.

The Role of a Trust Administration Lawyer

If you have been named as a trustee, you might find yourself overwhelmed with financial and legal responsibilities. The role of a trustee is multifaceted, and it includes tasks such as ensuring the trust terms are fulfilled and tax obligations are satisfied. A trustee has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the trust and the beneficiaries, so mistakes can subject you to personal liability.

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    At Blacksburg Law, we stand ready to provide knowledge and guidance. We know that no two trusts are identical, and the administration process can be unique and complex. We will ensure that you understand your duties and help you avoid potential pitfalls that could lead to liability. For instance, our team can help:

    • Ensure that the trust operates in compliance with terms and rules
    • Manage tax obligations
    • Protect the trustee from liability
    • Resolve disputes through mediation or negotiation
    • Assist with asset distribution
    • Offer ongoing legal support

    Since every trust is different, the best way to find out exactly how we could help in your situation is to schedule an appointment so we can find out more about you and your needs.

    Steps to Administration of a Revocable Living Trust

    Many people establish revocable living trusts so that when they pass away, their assets can pass to loved ones without the delays, expense, and public attention of probate. During their lifetime, the trust creator usually serves as their own trustee and beneficiary, managing and enjoying their assets just as they did before the trust was created.

    When the person who created the trust passes away or becomes incapacitated, the successor trustee then takes over trust administration. Here are some of the steps for a successor trustee who is winding up the trust after the passing of the trust creator (also called the grantor) and the ways we can assist:

    Estate Planning Basics


    Download our Estate Planning Basics PDF Guide to get more information about what estate planning is, how it works, what you need to consider, and why Blacksburg Law is the right partner for you.

    1. Document Gathering: Initially, our journey starts with assembling all necessary documents. Our team can assist in locating and helping you understand each vital piece of paper.
    2. Beneficiary Communication: California law has specific requirements for notifying beneficiaries, and we can ensure these are met with professionalism and sensitivity.
    3. Asset Management: We guide trustees in identifying and managing trust assets. Protecting these assets is a duty and a cornerstone of trust administration that we take very seriously. With over 20 years of experience, we have relationships with a broad range of asset managers who can support prudent trust asset management.
    4. Debt Settlement: Identifying and settling the decedent’s debts can be a complex task, but it is one of the most important parts of trust administration. We’re here to help sort through claims and advise on which ones are valid and how to address them.
    5. Prudent Investment: Investing trust assets requires a careful balance between risk and return, and we guide trustees in making decisions that align with the trust’s interests and beneficiaries’ expectations.
    6. Tax and Accounting Obligations: Filing taxes and maintaining accurate accounts are among the most critical aspects of trust administration. Blacksburg Law can ensure that these are completed promptly and correctly.
    7. Asset Distribution: When it comes time to distribute the trust’s assets, we provide comprehensive support, ensuring that every step, from title transfers to the fulfillment of long-term distributions, is handled with attention to detail.
    8. Trust Termination: Once all assets are distributed, we help with the formal dissolution of the trust, tying up all loose ends, and completing the administration process.

    We strive to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible, handling the complexities of trust administration so you can focus on what matters most during this challenging time.

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    If you’re tasked with trust administration or simply want to ensure your estate is in good hands, contact us online or call 415.985.7027. We can discuss how you can efficiently and effectively manage trust administration in California today.

    With Blacksburg Law, we will ensure your legacy is respected and protected, but we also want you to feel comfortable asking any questions. You deserve to be informed as well as protected.

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