Deb L. Kinney

Of Counsel

Deb L. Kinney works with Blacksburg Law in an Of Counsel capacity.  Deb brings decades of experience in estate planning, trust administration, probate and relationship agreements.  Deb founded a large estate planning firm in the San Francisco Bay Area to serve underrepresented communities in challenges that everyone faces at some time during their lives.  Whether it is how to structure buying a home together or a life together, or creating the legal documents to care for loved ones as they age, Deb brings her compassion and understanding to the table every time.

Deb is now focusing on trust administrations, probates, estate planning and mediations.   Deb has always liked the complexity of trust administrations whether it involves family dynamics, multiple properties, business interests or special collections. 

With her sense of humor, her quick insights and orientation to finding solutions, Deb has a knack of deescalating issues and solving problems.  Deb believes in fairness,  compassion and  integrity, and brings those values to her practice everyday. 

Deb has two adult children, a grandbaby, is chair of the Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Advocates Board, and has served on the board of Equality California, Horizons Foundation and most recently Tides Advocacy, a pro-black organization helping people fight for social justice, build political power and change public policy.  

If you have a question about estate planning or estate administration, please reach out to