Comprehensive Estate Planning Made Easy.

Estate planning is more than documents; it’s about the plan for your assets, responsibilities, and legacy. We work together to develop instructions for how your important assets are managed if you’re not managing them, how your vital responsibilities are cared for if you’re not capable, and then how you wish to be remembered when you’re no longer narrating the story.

Living Trust Based Estate Planning

Advice and support beyond the basic documents so that which you hold dear will be managed with efficiency, love and grace.

Trust Administration
and Probate

Streamline your estate planning. Our efficient probate and trust administration services, ensure peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Estate Integration Advisory

Ensuring your family is as ready for the money as your money is ready for the family. We start with a discovery process and facilitate a multi-generational and multi-advisory understanding of the mechanics of an estate plan.

Path to a Plan

Move from “What do I do?” to “Done!” in three easy steps

Schedule a Consultation

Call us or email to start a free, no-obligation conversation.  We’ll get a good sense of each other, what kind of service is appropriate for you, pricing and next steps.

Design Your Plan

Develop the best set of instructions for your assets, responsibilities and legacy. Prepare the appropriate documentation, review, execute, and support follow-up.

Ensure a Successful Plan

Confidently organize necessary information and discuss your plan with those who will carry it out.

We’re here to help

Our team looks forward to putting our experience and passion to work for you and your family.

Let’s start the conversation

Working with us starts with a conversation.


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