If you find yourself having done an estate plan, or at least having the documentation, but are looking for more, I can work with you and your family on taking your planning to a deeper, more harmonious level. I work with families of considerable wealth to facilitate a multi-generational understanding of the mechanics of an estate plan (documents, communication, organization) and the goals or hopes for inherited wealth.

We start with a discovery process where I interview your family, close friends and trusted advisors to better understand the unique strengths and challenges of your family in relation to your goals.

I then facilitate family meetings and retreats designed to support your family’s education and communication skills needed for the next steps. During this time period, certain members receive one-on-one coaching designed to better support the overall family estate plan.

Lastly, I work with your existing legal, financial and tax advisors to facilitate your engaged plan. This might look like an updating of legal structures or the creation of new trusts, portfolio-realignment or other tax strategies. The work during this phase is unique to every family and my role is to provide the appropriate facilitation, coaching and support during the phase.

This kind of work is ideally suited to the family who is concerned about the transition of wealth or a family business.

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    Estate Planning Basics


    Download our Estate Planning Basics PDF Guide to get more information about what estate planning is, how it works, what you need to consider, and why Blacksburg Law is the right partner for you.

    Michael Blacksburg


    “I love working with individual and families who look to define (or redefine) what it means to be a family member and how best to marshal the family resources for every family member’s benefit”


    Emma K.

    “We communicated by email, phone and Skype – without one single f2f meeting! Michael’s associate Louis was at the same professional level, and the signing of the final documents was as easy as was the whole process.”

    David G.

    “Blacksburg was a Boy Scout. Why is that relevant to an estate planning attorney? Because, years ater he got his Eagle badge, he’s still trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, and kind. It’s these personal qualities that separate him from other lawyers just as knowledgeable or technically adept.”

    Aman D.

    “Michael was a knowledgeable, professional and extremely patient attorney. He explained things in common English, so the process made sense, and got very specific when necessary. In all, he took a painful process and made it as pain-free as possible.”

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